Practical information

General information

Natural, landscape and cultural values of Warta Mouth National Park make it an ideal place for practising different forms of ecotourism. The wetlants around Warta River are a paradise for birdwatchers and other nature lovers. Because of the fact that this area is not crowded with tourists it attracts lovers of wide spaces, silence and tranquility.
You can visit the Park from dawn to dusk only on roads dedicated for these purposes. Some of them are dedicated for cars others for hikers or bikes. The acces to the mentioned roads is only possible when the water disappears from their surface! In case of organised groups (over 20 people) you are obligated to report your presence in the Park in our hedquarters calling on 095 752 40 26. There are some limitations with regard to camping, filming and recording nature.
Taking advantage of the natural values of the Park you should remember that the main purpose of designating the Park is protection of its nature. All other forms of availing of the Park like: tourism, education, research have to be submitted to nature protection.

Comunication in the Park

- a car is the most covenient way to access the Park headquarters as well as places from which you can begin your visit
- a bicycle seems to be an irreplaceable means of transport while traveling across the Park, but because of the routes are quite long we recommend it rather to those who are used to distant trips. We remind that routes leading through the Park are dirt roads so its condition may not always be good

When you plan an excursion:

Immediately before you come to the Park it is good to call our office and ask about the current water level and inform yourself which part of the Park is accessible. Many tourists found out that the open spaces of the Park are very windy, thus apart from taking with you binoculars be sure you are wearing warm clothes and stong shoes. During autumn and winter we recommend to take a thermos flask with something hot to drink.

Tourist information, rentals:

- tourist informations are situated in: Brama Berlińska and Brama Chyżańska in the old town of Kostrzyn nad Odrą and in Biuro Turystyki Przyrodniczej “Dudek” in Słońsk
- kayak rental is offered by Biuro Turystyki Przyrodniczej “Dudek” in Słońsk