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World Wetlands Day 2015

As every year, since 2001, we were celebrating World Wetland Day at our headquarters in Chyrzyno. This year we organized WWD on 1th February 2015.

The celebration was opened by National Park’s Director Mr. Konrad Wypychowski who welcome gathered people and opened Biebrza photography exposition.          

First speech was about crucial wetland’s role for human being and conservation – How wetland are essential for our future. Presentation was made using Ramsar materials. Ms. Agata Jirak said about positive wetland’s impact on human life such as providing fresh water for people, waste purifying and filtering, humanity feeding, biodiversity conservation, climat change fighting, providing sustainable products and livehoods. She also focused on negative effect of wetlands decline on our future and what can everyone do as an individual to protect them. She also said about global water resources.

Ecology education is an important tool in wetland conservation. After Agata’s speech children from kindergarten in Kostrzyn had performance about activities that can damage wetlands ecosystem such as: pollution. The young actors played role of animals (Beaver, Crayfish, fishes, frogs), that got sick because of pollution of wetlands. Other actors performed fisherman. Children had also musical performance using musical instruments. Małgorzata Pezowicz and Elżbieta Strof prepared children for performance. At the end of performance children got a small gifts.

Also interesting point of celebration was speech of Magda Mądrawska-Okołów. This presentations had cultural aspect. She said about legendary demons living on wetlands. At the beginning of the speech she gave all guests red ribbon  as protection from demons. Than she explained how to identify demons and which way they can catch their pray. At the end of presentation she described demonic inspiration in nowadays culture. For example Gollum form Lord of the Rings.

All participants could visit viewpoint at the tower where they could admire wetlands landscape. They also could visit mini exposition of Warta Mouth National Park animals.          

During WWD celebration we also served mint tea and delicious rice biscuits with jam.

After presentations, all guests were invited for guided excursion to Warta Mouth National Park. Excursion participants got binoculars. The guide had a spotting scope which also was used. The excursion lasted about 2 hours. The strong point of excursion was admiring numerous Whooper Swan and few White-tailed Eagle.

Furthermore, as every year, we are preparing free of charge workshops for students from primary school (age: 12 years), entitled: “Why do we need Wetlands?”. These activities will take place from 27th of January to 03th of March.

This year about 100 people participated in World Wetland Day. We are looking forward to organize 2016 WWD. The celebration is a great tool to propagate significant role of wetland in many conservation aspects.




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