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Unmarked trails (partialy leading out of the Park)

 “I Most”- Warta (about 3 km)
From Słońsk you go to Przyborów and there you turn to a dirt road situated in front of a shop. After few meters you turn left and pass a bridge. Going further along an oxbow you reach a next bridge, the so called “II Most”. You cross Warta Mouth National Park’s border and along a dirt road you reach a next bridge, “III Most”. There is a “intersection”, if you go straight you will reach Warta. You return by the same way. The path is available by low water level.
Aroun the birdwathching shelter between the II and III Most sometimes form shallow ponds that attract many plover species. Going further you pass a cormorant and heron colony. In winter you may observe here whooper swans.

Along the levee from Słońsk to the ferry passage in Kłopotowo – about 12 km

Around the church in Słońsk you go towards Poniatowski Street and after towards Chopin Street. After 2-0 meters the asphalt road becomes a drirt road and you go straight, pass the bridge and further you are on a levee. The discribed path may be traveled by bike or on foot or by car. It is especially recommended when the water level is high when other roads are under water.
I spring on the local floodlands you may see flocks of ducks, geese and coots. There are many tracks of mammals here. When the water level is high and the wind strong the birds concentrate behind the levee curve, about 3rd km after a bridge.

A road throug Górki (Przyborów- Sewage Treatment Plant- II Górka)- about 3 km

From Słońsk you go to Przyborów and reach a sewage treatment plant. Along a barely visible field roads you head south-west. Return by the same way. The terrain on which the trail runs is located a bit higher than other parts of the Park, thus it is recommended during high water level period. In early spring you can observe here some species of ducks and also greylag geese, shelducks, grebes and sometimes also some plover species.

“By Beavers Road”

Around the palace in Dąbroszyn you turn south according to the signposts “To the nature path” situated near the informational board of Warta Mouth National Park. Along a stone-paved and after concrete road, after about 1 km you will see a bridge and a wooden shelter. There is enough place to leave the car next to the bridge. Just before the bridge, about 10 meters, you turn left and passing a inconspicuous watercourse you go furher by a barely visible dirt road. Be careful! While the water level is high in order to pass the mentioned watercourse you may need rubber boots! After 600 m you reach a clear crosswise road.You turn left and after 200 m you reach a bridge next to which you will see a big beaver lodge. From this point you go back and going straight ahead after 600 m you come to the bridge. After passing it turn right and go straight reaching the ending point.



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