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Our employees suggest hiking on our nature paths as the main way to visit Warta Mouth National Park. All our paths are equipped with boards presentind the most important natural phenomena that may be observed on the path.

“On the bird’s trail”
Nature path “On the bird’s trail” leads along a concrete road situated in one of the Park’s most attractive birds breeding grounds, thus spring is the best time to visit it. On the path there are informational boards, a shelter with benches, birdwatching shelter and a viewing platform
- length of the path –about 2 km, duration of the walk 2-3 hours. Return by the same way
- it is a path for hikers and bikers only. If you came in a car you can leave it on a car park situated at the beginning of the path
- because the water level fluctuatios are quite big it may happen that the concrete road will be under water and inaccessible (mainly in winter and early spring)

The path leads through floodlands of the protection district Chyrzyno and presents diverse roles that the wetlands play in nature and human economy. While high water level the path may be inaccessible.
-length: about 1 km
- hiking path
- at the end of the path there is a bench and table in order to take a rest

“By two wheels across the Norhern Polder”
The path leads across the wide meadows of the Northern Polder, which is one of the protection districts of Warta Mouth National Park. It is accessible through the whole year. It has a natural nad historical character.
- length: about 30 km
- bike path
- on the way there are tree shelters and viewing tower

“Alder swamp”
This path is situated in the protection district Northern Polder that is an area free of periodic floods. In the main part it lead through the only forest area in the Park (blackcurrant alder swamp) and also through communities of herbs, wet meadow and reed canary grass rushes.
- length: about 3 km
- the path is a loop
- a hiking path its fragment is lead on a wooden footbridge
- at the beginning of the path there is a viewing tower, shelter an a board with path’s map
- Tourists with cars can leave their vehicle at the car park situated near the viewing tower (about 2 km from Kamień Mały)

“Natural Garden of Senses”

“Natural Garden of Senses” is located near the Park’s headquarters in Chyrzyno. The majority of the presently functioning 14 stops of the “Garden” has been designed as a interactive play. Some of them have been designed for the needs of disabled people.
- some of the boards are also in Braille, the paths have a ground adapted for wheelchairs.
- surface: about 0,8 hectares

  • Nature path "On the bird's trail" (fot. K.W.)
  • Nature path “Alder swamp” (fot. J.J.)
  • “Natural Garden of Senses” (fot. M.M.-O.)
  • “Alder swamp”
  • “Wetlands”
  • “By two wheels across the Norhern Polder”
  • “On the bird’s trail”



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