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Touristic infrastructure

Apart from the nature paths and trail the tourists visiting Warta Mouth National Park may use other educational and touristic infrastructure elements. Some of them are part of nature paths and others function independently.
Viewing towers and birdwatching shelters:

Viewing tower in Chyrzyno (height: about 20 m)
Glazed tower being a part of Park’s headquarters building. Acces during opening hours (working days 07:30 to 15:30). Periodicaly the tower is accessible in other time. The enter is to be paid.
Viewing tower “Czarnowska Górka” (height: about 12,5 m)
Wooden tree-storey tower is located in protection district Słońsk by the road no. 22 next to the intersection with the road from Czarnów. It is a perfect place to view Park’s landscape and geese and crane passage during spring and autumn migrations.
Viewing tower “II Górka” (height: about 6,8 m)
Wooden two-storey tower situated near the Park’s limit in protection district Słońsk, about 2 km from the road no. 22, north-west direction (unfortunately the road leading to it is in very bad condition). The tower is an excellente place to view Park’s landscape and geese and crane passage during spring and autumn migrations. Because the tower is located on floodlands during higher water level it may be inaccessible.
Viewing tower “Alder Swamp” (height: about 6,8m)
Wooden two-storey tower situated located in the protection district Northern Polder, access from Kamień Mały by a about 2 km dirt road, direct south,. It is located next to the nature path “Alder Swamp”. Entrance free of charge during the whole year.
Viewing platform (height : about 3 m)
The viewing platform is located in protection district Słońsk close to nature path “On the bird’s trail”. It is an ideal place to observe birds nesting of feeding on the surrounding meadows, pasture and wetlands. It is located on a floodland, thus when the water level is higher it may be inaccessible.

Birdwatching shelters
Birdwatching shelters next the IV Most(next to the nature path “On the bird’s trail”)
Birdwatching shelters between the II and III Most.

Educational points
Apart from the nature paths, what we can offer to tourists willing to get information about the Park are educational poits. There are designed in order to present chosen, interesting nature phenomena and national park’s activities. They have been situated near the accessible and frequently visited entrances to the Park and they include educational boards and other infrastructure (benches, tables, dustbins and shelters).
Educational point “Czarnowska Górka”
“Czarnowska Górka” is a sandy hill situated near the road no. 22 and also the international bicycle trail R1. Point’s infrastructure is coposed of a board concerning inland dunes and three tables with benches. It is located next to the viewing tower.
Educational point “II Górka”
A mineral hill located on the floodland in protection district Słońsk. Point’s infrastructure is coposed of a roofed table with benches and an educational board concerning one of the most spectacular phenonena that may be observed in the Park, namely geese passage and also the formed nearby animal protection zone.
Educational point “Strefa”
“Strefa” it is a common name of one of the bridges located on the Red Canal flowing parallel to road no.22. Because of the vegetation that limits the view ths bridge is a “window” through which you can observe the landscape of this part of the Park. Depending on the season of the year and water conditions “Strefa” is a convenient place to observe some natural phenomena like crane and geese passage. When the water level gets higher from this point you may observe flocks of ducks, coots and swans.
Educational point “Chyrzyno”
It is located by the Park’s headquarters in Chyrzyno close to one of Warta’s cuttoff. Point’s infrastructure is coposed of a board presenting common water invertebrates and a possibility to use them in order to establish water quality and two roofed tables with benches.
Educational point “Stara Warta”
A point located near the dirt road from Dąbroszyn to Warta River next to a junction with the so called Beaver Road. In its vicinity there are two interesting watercourses one is a remnant of an old Warta bed and the other a canal build by human.
Educational point “Śluza”
It is located on the north levee of Warta. Its infrastructure consists of a roofed table with benches and a board concerning the most frequently seen mammals of the Park. Here you can also find information about alien species like American mink an North American racoon.
Educational point “Niwka”
It is located on the north levee of Warta in place of a abandoned German settlement by the junction with the road leading from Kamień Mały. The board at this point concerns history of settlement of Olenders in the valley of Warta.

Bonfire place
In the Park it is alowded to make a bonfire only in dedicated places:
Chyrzyno – a bonfire place next to Park’s headquarters. There is a possibility to rent fry sticks. Bonfire place hire is paid.
“Śluza” (north levee of Warta)
“Niwka” (north levee of Warta)
A shelter near the Dąbroszyn Road
Apart from the bonfire place in Chyrzyno other places can be used free of charge, but you have to have your own wood. We remind that it is forbiden to cut down trees and branches and collecting wood.

Location of touristic shelters and roofed tables with benches:
Wysokiński Bridge (beginning of the path “On the bird’s trail”)
Dąbroszyn (by the junction with Beaver Road)
“Śluza” (north levee)
“Niwka” (north levee)
“II Górka” (near Słońsk village)
Chyrzyno (close to the Park’s headquarters)




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