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  • Touristic shelter on the Yellow trail (fot. K.W.)

Marked routes in Warta Mouth National Park - tourist trails:

Yellow trail – 12,3 km
Across Warta Mouth National Park goes a fragment (12,3 km) of the yellow bike trail Dąbroszyn-Gostkowice its whole length is 28,7 km...


  • Nature path "On the bird's trail" (fot. M.M.-O.)

Nature paths

Our employees suggest hiking on our nature paths as the main way to visit Warta Mouth National Park. All our paths are equipped with boards presentind the most important natural phenomena that may be observed on the path.Nature paths

  • Beaver lodge (fot. M.M.-O.)

Unmarked trails (partialy leading out of the Park)

“I Most”- Warta (about 3 km)
From Słońsk you go to Przyborów and there you turn to a dirt road situated in front of a shop. After few meters you turn left and pass a bridge. Going further along an oxbow you reach a next bridge, the so called “II Most”. You cross Warta Mouth National Park’s border and along a dirt road you reach a next ...

  • Viewing platform on nature path “On the bird’s trail”...

Touristic infrastructure

Apart from the nature paths and trail the tourists visiting Warta Mouth National Park may use other educational and touristic infrastructure elements. Some of them are part of nature paths and others function independently.
Viewing towers and birdwatching shelters:
Viewing tower in Chyrzyno (height: about 20 m)...


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